We build DEI into business practices across functions and divisions and work with your leadership, human resources, and employee population via consulting, executive coaching, and education to lead your team through change management processes. It’s a fine blend between business acumen and academia but it pairs well with organizations ready to evolve.

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What’s Our Approach?

Solving Complex Problems!

We combine 80 years of experience into organizational solutions that will transform complex cultural change, whether it’s operationalized across an organization or focused on the actions of specific leaders and their teams. Using a deep understanding of neuroscience and psychology, we help clients understand the biological motivations behind their actions. This approach guides them to create an awareness and relationship among thought, behavior, and external perception. The result ignites internal passion and fosters clear communication across all levels.


We look at all angles to maximize the desired outcome.


We walk our talk and show how to act inclusively while executing flawlessly.


We employ qualitative and quantitative approaches to data gathering and reporting. Our process is iterative.

Real Experience

We are seasoned professionals who understand the needs of corporate America.

The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change *

Sophia wrote the DEI chapter in The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change. The idea for the book began during the COVID-19 pandemic with changes taking place in people’s personal and work lives, and society at large. Living with all the uncertainty prompted questions about what it takes to lead, survive, and even thrive in periods of transformational change. Learn from Sophia how culture can be transformed into one of inclusion & belonging.


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